World Population Ageing, 1950-2050, Page 81

Population ageing is an enduring and global phenomenon which is the result of the demographic transition from high to low levels of fertility and mortality. This report considers the process of population ageing for the world as a whole; for developed and developing regions; for major areas and regions; and for individual countries. It contains demographic profiles covering the period 1950 to 2050 for each country giving a range of socio-economic and demographic indicators which highlight population ageing trends. The report finds that by 2050, the number of older persons (those aged 60 years or over) in the world will exceed the number of young persons (aged under 15 years) for the first time in history. This will have major social, economic and political implications including the effects on economic growth and labour markets, pensions and health care, family composition and housing, migration trends and voting patterns.

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