Notes to Blackstone's Commentaries: Which are Calculated to Answer All the Editions, Volume 5

I. Thomas and E.T. Andrews, 1801 - 272 pages

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Page 46 - Lost, he did not reject it, and commit his poem to the flames, nor did he accept the miserable pittance as the reward of his labour; he knew that the real price of his work was immortality, and that posterity would pay it.
Page 64 - ... can prove that the drawer had no effects in the hands of the drawee when the bill was difhonoured, he may flill recover againft the drawer, though he omitted to give him notice.
Page 36 - Efq; ha" ving been this feffion of parliament com" mitted a prifoner to the Tower, and ex" pelled this houfe for a breach of truft in the " execution of his office, and notorious cor" ruption when fecretary at war, was and is " incapable of being elected a member to ferve " in this prefent parliament...
Page 9 - Thus the custody of the infant's person, as well as the care of his estate, might devolve upon the most perfect stranger to the infant. — one prompted by every pecuniary motive to abuse the delicate and important trust of education, without any ties of blood or regard to counteract the temptations of interest, or any sufficient authority to restrain him from yielding to their influence.
Page 45 - And that the law has been so from time immemorial, is evident from the year books, where it is said that whatever alteration of form any property may undergo, the owner thereof may take it in its new shape, provided he can prove the identity of the original materials; as if leather be made into shoes, cloth into a garment, trees squared into timber, or iron made into bars.
Page 49 - It is ordained and assented, that no manner of artificer, labourer nor any other layman, which hath not lands or tenements to the value of 40s.
Page 121 - December, though he may not have lived twenty-one years by nearly forty-eight hours : the reason assigned is, that in law there is no fraction of a day ; and if the birth were on the first second of one day, and the act on the last second of...
Page 11 - ... and shall not be required or directed by the judge to find the defendant guilty merely on the proof of the publication of the paper charged to be a libel, and of the sense ascribed to it in the record.
Page 10 - It was carried by an odd artifice in the House of Lords. Lord Grey and Lord Norris were named to be the tellers. Lord Norris, being a man subject to vapours, was not at all times attentive to what he was doing ; so a very fat lord coming in, Lord Grey counted him for ten, as a jest at first, but seeing Lord Norris had not observed it, he went on with his mis-reckening of ten.
Page 8 - written. " In Villars v. Mousey the words imputed an infectious disorder. In Harman v. Delany the words were spoken of the plaintiff in his trade as a gunsmith. DE GREY, CJ , in Wils. 187, says that to impute to any man the mere defect or want of moral virtue, moral duties, or obligations which render a man obnoxious to mankind, is not actionable.

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